Lost past


The party met a man by the name of Lucan at the Cresent Moon Tavern in the town of snowfall. He explained that he was leading an expedition into the Frozen Peak Mountains and needed strong adventurers to protect the expedition. He told them to meet him in the city of Stoneforge if they accepted.

After leaving the tavern, the PCs were followed by a shadowy man wearing a cloack and hood. When the Zanros stopped and threated to kill him if he didn’t leave, 2 more men jumped out and surrounded the party. The thugs attacked the Party, but were easily defeated. Searching the thugs’ corpses revealed a letter that read
_ Find out what you can, then eliminate them._
A picture of a bloody dagger was drawn on the letter.
After asking around the town, they found it was the symbol of the Blood Gang.



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