Lost past

Enter the temple.

The PCs Arrived at Stoneforge to find Lucan waiting for them. He led them to a small stone building where he introduced them to the rest of the “Expedition” which included Reed, Regdar, and Thog. After stopping Zanros and Thog from killing each other the expedition set off for the Temple of the Lost. The expedition wandered through underground caves where they found a rotted corpse with what appeared to be a bag of coins on it. When Zanros took the bag the skeleton stood up, drew a sword that was stuck in its ribcage and attacked. Although it was easily defeated, It made the PCs realize they should probably be more careful.

The Party eventually reached the temple’s entrance. upon taking their first steps into the temple, they noticed several bodies littering the ground and heard a strange hissing noise. Suddenly a thick green gas spilled into the room and 2 ghostly figures appeared. The ghosts attacked and the party had to fight while inhaling toxic gas. Erevan noticed a small panel on the wall which he realized must have to control the gas. He and Lucan were able to stop the gas from flowing into the room by disarming the panel. The rest of the party was able to defeat the ghosts and continue deeper into the temple.

They reached a room that was like a maze. There was a large skull painted in blood on the floor. On top of the skull was a pile of coins. Once again Zanros walked over to take the coins. As he took his first step on the skull painting several arrows shot from slits in the wall but the arrows couldn’t penetrate his armor. Erevan and Lucan were able to easily leap over the trapped floor. After fighting there way through more traps, they continued deeper into the temple.



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