Lost past


After continuing through the temple, the PCs found Travek and his men inside. The party attacked and killed his men, but Travek escaped. After chasing him into the Temple’s treasure room, He grabbed the Necklace of Souls and used it to summon a horde of undead. Zanros and Thog charged and started hacking their way through the horde and a battle started. As the battle raged, the room started to collapse. The ceiling caved in and knocked Zanros unconcious. He awoke to everyone but Reed and Erevan gone. The trio quickly made their way to the surface, and traveled to stoneforge. They found the city under attack by Travek and his undead. The rest of the expedition was already battling the undead and Zanros, Erevan, and Reed quickly joined the fray. They fought their way to Travek and were able to kill him, but the Necklace was gone.



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