Lost past


The party suddenly awoke to find themselves in a dark room witha ladder leading to a trap door in the ceiling. The trapdoor opened and an undead tiefling climbed down, introducing himself as pain, he led the PCs through underground tunnels to a large throneroom. They met Torment the Lich and his flesh golem, Suffering. He explained how he was “expierimenting” with ressurection spells and potions on casualiteies from the Dragonborn-Orc war, and Zanros was one of his test subjects. He agreed to share more information on the condition that Zanros lead his clan to eliminate the orcs. The party awoke in the forest a few miles from the Orchunter clan’s camp and Pain was with them. Upon reaching the camp, they found out Zanros’ brother and father had been killed, leaving him as clan leader. Believing Torment murdered them, Zanros attacked Pain with te help of nearby dragonborn. More of the liches minions emerged from the forest to assist Pain. Again, the party awoke in Torments Lair, without any knowledge of how the battle ended. The PCs stormed lair, and fought torment in his throne room. Torment, Pain, and Suffering were slain, and Erevan and Evangeline both fell unconscious from the wounds they sustained. The party then found Torment’s phylactery in a secret room and, after killing its guardians, destroyed it. Upon returning to the throne room, they were confronted by Pain. After convincing the Aredhal, Erevan, and Ira that he didn’t want to fight, he explained that Torment wasn’t their only problem. He said that Torment had three brothers. The four brothers were at one point a might group of adventurers that were corrupted. They each became a powerful undead, a lich, death knight, vampire, and mummy lord. He also explained that torments brothers would seek revenge for his death. They would hunt down and kill everyone that they loved, then kill them, and curse them. This curse, Pain explained, would cause you to live an eternal life of undeath. And you would be under the complete control of the brother who cursed you, until that brother died. However, you would remain undead and unkillale until all four brothes were dead. Pain was one such curse victim,and decided to help the party slay the undead so he could be free of his curse. The PCs then rushed to Aredhal’s home(she is the only PC with living family) to see if her family was okay. The found the door had been forced open. Inside, Aredhal’s mother, Althaea, lay on the floor, unconcious and bleeding all over. A vampire stood inside carrying a spiked chain covered in fresh blood. After a long battle, The vampire was slain, and once again, Erevan fell unconcious from blood loss after sustaining multiple wounds protecting Althaea.



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