Lost past

The party suddenly awoke to find themselves in a dark room witha ladder leading to a trap door in the ceiling. The trapdoor opened and an undead tiefling climbed down, introducing himself as pain, he led the PCs through underground tunnels to a large throneroom. They met Torment the Lich and his flesh golem, Suffering. He explained how he was “expierimenting” with ressurection spells and potions on casualiteies from the Dragonborn-Orc war, and Zanros was one of his test subjects. He agreed to share more information on the condition that Zanros lead his clan to eliminate the orcs. The party awoke in the forest a few miles from the Orchunter clan’s camp and Pain was with them. Upon reaching the camp, they found out Zanros’ brother and father had been killed, leaving him as clan leader. Believing Torment murdered them, Zanros attacked Pain with te help of nearby dragonborn. More of the liches minions emerged from the forest to assist Pain. Again, the party awoke in Torments Lair, without any knowledge of how the battle ended. The PCs stormed lair, and fought torment in his throne room. Torment, Pain, and Suffering were slain, and Erevan and Evangeline both fell unconscious from the wounds they sustained. The party then found Torment’s phylactery in a secret room and, after killing its guardians, destroyed it. Upon returning to the throne room, they were confronted by Pain. After convincing the Aredhal, Erevan, and Ira that he didn’t want to fight, he explained that Torment wasn’t their only problem. He said that Torment had three brothers. The four brothers were at one point a might group of adventurers that were corrupted. They each became a powerful undead, a lich, death knight, vampire, and mummy lord. He also explained that torments brothers would seek revenge for his death. They would hunt down and kill everyone that they loved, then kill them, and curse them. This curse, Pain explained, would cause you to live an eternal life of undeath. And you would be under the complete control of the brother who cursed you, until that brother died. However, you would remain undead and unkillale until all four brothes were dead. Pain was one such curse victim,and decided to help the party slay the undead so he could be free of his curse. The PCs then rushed to Aredhal’s home(she is the only PC with living family) to see if her family was okay. The found the door had been forced open. Inside, Aredhal’s mother, Althaea, lay on the floor, unconcious and bleeding all over. A vampire stood inside carrying a spiked chain covered in fresh blood. After a long battle, The vampire was slain, and once again, Erevan fell unconcious from blood loss after sustaining multiple wounds protecting Althaea.
Join the group

Knowing the party was no match for an attack on and orc camp, the PCs Returned to Stoneforge to look for adventurers willing to join them. In the town square they found a female Tiefling named Ira and a female Eladrin named Aredhel that were willing to join the party. Inside a tavern they met a pessimistic, complaining female elf named Evangeline who also joined the party


After the battle, a Dragonborn warrior approached the party. The dragonborn noticed Zanros and seemed shocked he was there. He introduced himself as Heshkan Orchunter, Zanros’s brother. Heshkan said that the clan thought Zanros had perished 3 years ago during a battle with orcs. Heshkan brought the PCs to the Orchunter clan camp where Zanros met Balasar, clan leader and Zanros’s father, and clan elder Daar. Eventually, Zanros decided to “Ask” the Orcs about his “death”.


After continuing through the temple, the PCs found Travek and his men inside. The party attacked and killed his men, but Travek escaped. After chasing him into the Temple’s treasure room, He grabbed the Necklace of Souls and used it to summon a horde of undead. Zanros and Thog charged and started hacking their way through the horde and a battle started. As the battle raged, the room started to collapse. The ceiling caved in and knocked Zanros unconcious. He awoke to everyone but Reed and Erevan gone. The trio quickly made their way to the surface, and traveled to stoneforge. They found the city under attack by Travek and his undead. The rest of the expedition was already battling the undead and Zanros, Erevan, and Reed quickly joined the fray. They fought their way to Travek and were able to kill him, but the Necklace was gone.

Undead fight

The Expedition made their way to a large room with a hallway leading to a smaller room. Inside the room was a large amount of undead. Strangely, the undead stood unmoving like statues. Zanros decided it would be a good idea to kill the undead(he wanted exp). So he had everyone gather in the hallway and then shot his crossbow at the undead. The undead suddenly sprang to “life” and attacked. Because the party was in the narrow hallway, they could fight the undead 2 at a time instead of all at once. As a result of the fighting, both Thog and Regdar almost died.

Enter the temple.

The PCs Arrived at Stoneforge to find Lucan waiting for them. He led them to a small stone building where he introduced them to the rest of the “Expedition” which included Reed, Regdar, and Thog. After stopping Zanros and Thog from killing each other the expedition set off for the Temple of the Lost. The expedition wandered through underground caves where they found a rotted corpse with what appeared to be a bag of coins on it. When Zanros took the bag the skeleton stood up, drew a sword that was stuck in its ribcage and attacked. Although it was easily defeated, It made the PCs realize they should probably be more careful.

The Party eventually reached the temple’s entrance. upon taking their first steps into the temple, they noticed several bodies littering the ground and heard a strange hissing noise. Suddenly a thick green gas spilled into the room and 2 ghostly figures appeared. The ghosts attacked and the party had to fight while inhaling toxic gas. Erevan noticed a small panel on the wall which he realized must have to control the gas. He and Lucan were able to stop the gas from flowing into the room by disarming the panel. The rest of the party was able to defeat the ghosts and continue deeper into the temple.

They reached a room that was like a maze. There was a large skull painted in blood on the floor. On top of the skull was a pile of coins. Once again Zanros walked over to take the coins. As he took his first step on the skull painting several arrows shot from slits in the wall but the arrows couldn’t penetrate his armor. Erevan and Lucan were able to easily leap over the trapped floor. After fighting there way through more traps, they continued deeper into the temple.

Gang Hunting

The PCs Went to the village of Shalic, where they found the blood gang hideout. Using the letter found on the thug’s body, Erevan was able to convince the guards that he was a member of the gang and he was allowed entrance. Once inside, he allowed the other PCs and some village militia to gain entrance and storm the hideout. After eliminating the gang members inside the PCs left Shalic and then visited the town of Starsong.


The party met a man by the name of Lucan at the Cresent Moon Tavern in the town of snowfall. He explained that he was leading an expedition into the Frozen Peak Mountains and needed strong adventurers to protect the expedition. He told them to meet him in the city of Stoneforge if they accepted.

After leaving the tavern, the PCs were followed by a shadowy man wearing a cloack and hood. When the Zanros stopped and threated to kill him if he didn’t leave, 2 more men jumped out and surrounded the party. The thugs attacked the Party, but were easily defeated. Searching the thugs’ corpses revealed a letter that read
_ Find out what you can, then eliminate them._
A picture of a bloody dagger was drawn on the letter.
After asking around the town, they found it was the symbol of the Blood Gang.


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